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We live in strange times and it is normal that you will have questions about both our booking and cancellation policies and also the day to day changes that we have made in resort. This page should help to clarify the ways in which we are trying to safeguard your money and keep you safe on a holiday with Host Savoie.

Our Peace of Mind Pledge

We have put a system in place whereby we won't ask you to claim on your insurance for cancellations related to certain specified changes in travel rules. We will offer a refund or a credit note if the government advises against non-essential travel to any country that you are intending to holiday in or transit through, and the same will apply in the event of local or national lockdowns, closure of borders or mandatory quarantine at either end of your journey. In other words, if an inability to come on your holiday is wholly outside your control, we will get your money back to you!

It is important to emphasise that the above pledge is not applicable to cases whereby a member of the group tests positive or is unwell with Covid-19. For such scenarios there are plenty of insurance products available and we advise you to purchase travel insurance on the day of booking to be covered for cancellations or medical treatment. We will also not refund in cases whereby guests are disinclined to travel or choose not to comply with entry requirements. In such cases our overheads remain the same.

In-Resort Changes

As you would expect we and any partners we work with have had to make changes to the way we do things in resort. Firstly, our staff will comply with any legislation in place regarding vaccine status or regular testing and we will diligently check the status of any guests if required to do so by the authorities.

Cleaning is of course a major part of the Covid protocols and to that extent we will require an extended amount of time to get rooms and properties ready for new arrivals. We may need to ask you to vacate by 9am and check in from 5pm temporarily, to give more time for deep cleaning. In all properties we will work to the following guidelines:

UPDATE 15 Jan 2022

The French government have voted to transform the Pass Sanitaire in to a Pass Vaccinale and from this date access to our chalets and all hospitality environments age for 16+ is regulated by the presentation of a barcode that demonstrates vaccination status only (i.e. not achievable through daily testing). You will need to have had your second jab less than 7 months ago, or have had a booster. From 15th February 2022 the 7 months will be shortened to 4 months. Children aged 12 - 15 continue to fall under the previous Pass Sanitaire rules

UK/France Travel Considerations

Winter 2021/22 is of course a little different and to help you avoid the pitfalls in the travel rules we put together this short guide.

Please note however that the information below is merely our interpretation to the best of our ability and it does not remove the requirement for guests to ensure that they are up to date with the latest regulations and entry requirements. Please keep an eye on the official FCDO website.

Travel to France

France now recognises the NHS Covid vaccination certificate and you can create an account as well as generating a pass for travel purposes at Covid-Status.Service . The barcodes are valid for 30 days but they refresh each time you log in. This is worth keeping in mind if you have the app on your phone as logging in will invalidate any printed copies you may have.

The temporary ban on guests travelling from the UK was lifted on 14th January 2022 and fully vaccinated people may now enter France without needing a compelling reason. A negative PCR or antigen test was required until 12th February but this is no longer the case. Please note the difference between being fully vaccinated for the purposes of getting into France (more than 7 days after a second dose) and the new stricter booster requirements for entry to hospitality venues (see Your Stay in France section below)

To enter France you also need to provide a sworn declaration to certify that you have no covid symptoms and haven't been in contact with anyone with covid-19. The French government has helpfully provided a template in English but make sure to download the correct version. See this website for the current classifications and relevant declaration templates. We suggest completing a hard copy and carrying it with you, but also keeping a photo of it on your phone.

Children under 11 are not required to prove vaccination or take any tests to enter France. Children aged 12 - 17 can travel with vaccinated adults irrespective of their own vaccination status and are not required to test or to isolate.

Many of our guests fly via Geneva and will need to keep in mind the Swiss rules too! Switzerland has previously required a negative test to enter or transit but there are no such conditions in place currently. A fully vaccinated traveller from the UK can enter Switzerland without needing a compelling reason. All passengers transiting Switzerland should complete the very straightforward Passenger Locator Form which can be found here.

Your Stay in France

In January 2022 the French Government voted to replace the Pass Sanitaire for adults with a Pass Vaccinale (effective from 15/1/22) and this requires you to prove that you are fully vaccinated (in other words, there is no longer a daily testing workaround) to enter many leisure and hospitality venues. Catered chalets are included in these rules due to our holding a restaurant licence.

For this purpose (and different to the rules for entry to France - see previous section) you are classed as being fully vaccinated if your second jab was less than 7 months ago. In the event that it was longer you will need to have evidence of a booster jab. On 15th February 2022 the maximum timescale from second jab to booster for this purpose is shortened to 5 months. Evidence of your vaccinations can be provided via the French Tous Anti Covid app or a hard copy of a scannable barcode (such as those provided by the NHS Covis Pass).

Children aged 16 and 17 are covered by the new vaccine pass rules but are exempt from the need to have had a booster jab. Those in the age group from 12 years and 2 months to 15 years will continue to fall under the previous Pass Sanitaire rules as most children in this age bracket in France are now double vaccinated. If a guest aged 12 - 15 is not double vaccinated (or single vaccine with proof of recovery certificate dated within the last 180 days) they will be able to achieve a 24 hour temporary Pass Sanitaire through the use of daily testing. Tests are available at all local pharmacies and a certificate is provided by email within a few minutes. Children under 12 years and 2 months do not require a health / vaccine pass.

As well as at check-in for our catered chalets you will be required to present a Pass Sanitaire / Pass Vaccinale for entry to restaurants, bars and many other public venues. If you choose to buy your ski pass over the counter rather than through us you will also need to present your barcode. The lift operators carry out random checks at various points all over the ski network too so be prepared to present your digital or hard copy during your ski day.

Please also remember that the wearing of face masks is still required in all indoor public spaces and in some outdoor settings in France, and unlike in the UK and there are penalties for not having a mask or a valid pass sanitaire / vaccinale in the event of a police check.

Returning to the UK

You no longer need to take any pre-departure tests before travelling home and as of 11th February 2022 fully vaccinated travellers do not need to complete a test upon returning home or undertake a mandatory period of quarantine. You are still required to complete a UK Passenger Locator Form. This is a free online form that must be completed in the 48 hours before travel (find link here). A barcode will be generated and emailed to you so keep this safe as you will need to show it later!

Don't forget that if you are travelling from Geneva your departure point is Switzerland!

The previously mentioned NHS covid pass to prove vaccination status will be needed again when checking in for travel to the UK.

Our In Resort Policy For Covid-19 Cases

Whilst we hope that all of this planning won't be needed it is prudent to have a clear policy in place that is understood by staff and guests alike. Read on to understand how we will deal with cases of Covid-19 (or symptoms of) within our operation in Morzine.

Chalet Protocols - Guests

We now know that all guests for winter 2021/22 staying in our catered chalets will be required to hold a pass sanitaire. This is a French law and you can either comply with this by presenting a barcode demonstrating "Fully Vaccinated" status or a PCR test showing a negative result from the previous 24h. The NHS Covid Pass is recognised in France

Given that all guests (and staff) in catered chalets will be required to hold a pass sanitaire we have opted to keep meal times as a sociable affair around our normal dining tables. Mask wearing will not be required in the chalets for the same reason.

Guests in self-catered properties are not required to provide pass sanitaire paperwork.

If you or our staff think that you are exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 you will be required to attend the local pharmacy for a test. Results only take an hour or two but in the meantime you should wear a mask and keep a safe distance from others.

If someone is awaiting a test result and/or showing signs of Covid-19 whilst in the chalet all other people present will be required to wear a mask until a test result is confirmed.

Chalet Protocols - Staff

Staff will not be required to wear a mask on a day-to-day basis in the chalets unless they are in the presence of someone who is awaiting the result of a covid test.

If a staff member has been in contact with a confirmed positive covid case or is exhibiting multiple covid symptoms they will be required to take a test at the local pharmacy. The company requires that member of staff to stop working and stay away from the chalet until the result is returned. In the event of a negative result they can resume work as normal.

If a member of staff requires a test due to being in contact with a guest or other staff member who has Covid-19 Host Savoie will fund the cost of the test. On all other occasions staff will pay for their own test and reclaim the cost from their own health / travel insurance.

Guests with Covid-19

If you test positive for Covid-19 you will need to self-isolate in your room until the end of your stay with us. If you do leave your room (to go for a walk for example) you must do so as efficiently as possible, wearing a mask and keeping a distance of at least 2m from everyone else.

We will deliver meals and drinks to the door of your room and will do our best to help with any extra food or drinks required. Please keep in mind that staff are not present at all times though.

Anyone sharing your room will be required to take a covid test. If they test positive they must self-isolate with you. If they test negative we will endeavour to move them to a different room so that they can carry on their holiday as normal. In the event that we have no available rooms that person will unfortunately need to self-isolate with you.

We cannot provide transport to a doctor or hospital but will help with making arrangements.

If your period of self-isolation extends beyond your planned departure date we will do our best to help with alternative accommodation but this is ultimately your responsibility (and you should have insurance in place to cover this as per our booking conditions).

Staff with Covid-19

We will apply the same rules to our staff in that if someone tests positive they will be required to self-isolate for the time specified by the authorities. Their room mate(s) will be required to take a test and if negative they will be able to continue working.

In the event of a room mate of a positive case being able to continue working we will find them alternative accommodation for the remainder of the isolation period. They will be required to take an additional test after 2 days to ensure the continued safety of others.

If a member of staff is isolating in their accommodation we will ensure that they are provided with food and drink and will arrange transport should they need medical attention.

If you have any queries at all about the above please just get in touch! We thank you for your understanding in these strange times.

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