Self-catering upgrades to suit every needs

Our Self-Catered Service

On this page you will be able to find the upgrade that suits your needs but we are always on hand to help if required!

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The Different Upgrades

Services Self-Catering Breakfast Upgrade HS Fusion
Price per Person - £30 £160 (5 nights)
£180 (6 nights)
Welcome Bubbly
Crucial Supplies
Breakfast Delivery -
Essential Pack - -
Afternoon Cake - -
Evening Meal - -
Wine & Beer - -
Upgrades Welcome Bubbly Crucial Supplies Breakfast Delivery Essential Pack Afternoon Cake Evening Meal Wine & Beer
£30 per Person
£160pp (5 nights) £180pp (6 nights)

Upgrades - The Details

Welcome Bubbly

At Host Savoie we believe that every holiday should start in style, and with some bubbles to celebrate the start of making fantastic memories.


Crucial Supplies

For your arrival, we will make sure that you have enough to settle down and to gather your thoughts. Your self-catered accommodation will have:

  • A few Tea Bags
  • A few Coffee (instant) Sticks
  • Milk (UHT)
  • Toilet Paper

Don't forget there are a few other bits and bobs that we include in all our holidays:

  • Shower Gel & Shampoo
  • Linen & Towels

Breakfast Delivery

Every Morning of your holiday, our friendly local bakery will deliver fresh baguette and a selection of different pastries including croissant, pain au chocolat, pain au raisin, brioche.

Add this upgrade, for just £30 per person for a week.

You can add upgrade on our booking system or by just contacting us.

Go to our booking system to reserve your holiday
delicious croissants and fresh baguette delivered every morning of your holiday

Essential Pack

The Essential Pack will cover all that you need for your breakfast and more. It will include:

  • Coffee (Grounded) & filter
  • More tea bags
  • Sugar
  • Milk (UHT)
  • Orange Juice
  • Sliced Bread
  • Fruit
  • Yoghurts
  • Jam
  • Cereals
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Ham
  • Eggs

Afternoon Cake

Delicious afternoon cakes

Who doesn't like a nice cake to share when you come back from the slopes? Just picture yourself with a nice cup of tea or a cold beer in one hand and a lovely slice of homemade cake in the other. Victoria Sponge, Lemon drizzle, Carrot cake, ... What is it going to be today?!

The afternoon cake will be delivered only on the days where an evening meal is provided.

Evening Meal

A freshly cooked 2 course meal will be delivered to your door on 5 or 6 evenings, depending on the upgrade chosen. Clear instructions will be provided as to how to reheat it, which means less time cooking and more time to ski, to relax, to discover the town and to take in the beautiful views.

The 2 courses are a hearty main course followed by a delicious pudding cooked and delivered by our partner Mangetout Catering .

For example, a slow-cooked pork served with honey glazed carrots and rosemary roast potatoes followed by a comforting and succulent crumble covered with fresh vanilla custard.

freshly cooked 2 course meal delivered at your door

How does it work?

See the full Menu

Wine & Beer

Upon your arrival, you will find a selection of wine plus a big pack of beer! The wine selection will be composed of 2 bottles of white wine and 2 bottles of red wine to accompany your evening meals (or just to drink after a great day on the slopes!).

HS Fusion - How Does It Work?

We work in conjunction with Mangetout Catering to offer a meal delivery service that we feel gives fabulous food at very sensible prices. We will keep in contact before your holiday regarding dietary needs and will pass your contact details to the team at Mangetout so that they can also liaise directly with you in the event of any queries. All payments will be made in advance and to Host Savoie.

Arrival Day : First Delivery

On your arrival day Mangetout will make a first delivery at an agreed time with your evening meal for that night plus the big essential pack (what is included? check here) for the week.
If you are going to arrive very late, don't worry as we can always meet the driver and take delivery for you.

Daily Deliveries

On all subsequent days in resort our friendly local bakery will deliver fresh bread and pastries for breakfast (usually by 0630). On 5 or 6 of the 7 days you will receive a second delivery during the day with a cake for that afternoon and the two course evening meal with any side dishes. There will be clear reheating instructions for the evening meal and the caterers will be able to drop off without you needing to be present! When you get home, just heat and eat!


Mangetout don't use disposable containers. Food tastes better in proper dishes and it is better for the environment too! Please leave the dishes ready for your driver to collect when he or she makes their next delivery. All plates, cutlery, glasses etc belong in the chalet and will need to be put in the dishwasher.

Day(s) with no meals

Breakfast deliveries will arrive as normal as nobody wants to start the day without lovely fresh bread!

Depending on whether you opted for our 5 or 6 night option there will be one or two days without afternoon tea and evening meals. With the 5 night option there will be no further deliveries after breakfast on Tuesday or Friday. With the 6 night option the Friday is included and our catering partners will deliver afternoon cake and a traditional Savoyard raclette and pierrade dinner.

There are many excellent local restaurants as well as takeaway and delivery services for the nights without catering and our team are always on hand to help with bookings if required.

Departure Day : Final Delivery

Breakfast will arrive as normal and Mangetout will collect all of their outstanding dishes. There will be no cake or evening meal as our check out time is 10am. If you have opted for a very early departure we will ask the bakery to deliver as early as possible but this cannot be guaranteed.